Unable to import product option/features in an XML file

I am unable to import product option/features/variant in the following XML file. All items outside OPTIONS node are imported. However, all product sizes are imported as a single product with all sizes showing as a single size. No product variations are imported as required. Can anyone look into this file and help?

Casual Dresses - 100001 10 - - Women Dresses 10.00 USD 0.55000000 Dress 36 0 1 Dress 38 0 1 Dress 40 0 1 Dress 42 2 1 Dress 44 1 1 Dress 46 2 1 Dress 48 2 1 Dress 50 2 1 Dress 52 1 1 Dress 54 0 1 Dress 56 0 1 ------------------------


It seems like the structure of the attached XML node is broken in your post. Could you please attach either file a whole or the mentioned XML node wrapped in the code (preformated text) tag?

Thanks for the screenshot.

These nodes have to be located within one unifying node, in order to be counted as separate ones. For example:


Sorry for misleading you.

Yes, unfortunately there is no proper XML structure to import options, so it have to inherit the syntax from CSV specification. As for the features, the easiest way will be to create the necessary feature beforehand and then specify value of this feature in the mapping.

So as an example you check this one structure:

        <options>Dress: SG[37,38,39///modifier=10.000///modifier_type=A]</options>
        <feature name='Color'>red</feature>
        <vendor>ACME Corp</vendor>

Import of such structure with the following mapping:

will result in creation of the product with listed options and specified feature value.

The complete file is here: [<SHOP> <SHOPITEM> <PRODUCT_ID>2703</PRODUCT_ID> <NAME>DAILY DRESS</ - Pastebin.com]

Thank you so much for your help. However, since I don’t have any control to the suppliers xml, I am wondering if there is any way that this can be imported in any way. The following is the complete XML file I received from the supplier. Your help is much appreciated.

In this xml file, the price for the product is the same. The difference is the size and the quantity in stock. I could not import as it is since the size is being imported as one item. The variation is not being created when I try to import.

2703 DAILY DRESS - - AB-8895 AB-8895 https://abijata.com/apparel/womens-clothing/turkish-abaya-en-2/ - - - - - 10 https://abijata.com/images/detailed/11/abaya8-1.jpg https://abijata.com/images/detailed/11/abaya8-2.jpg Apparel Abijata 44.90 USD 0.55000000 - - - - Body size 36 0 1 Body size 38 0 1 Body size 40 0 1 Body size 42 2 1 Body size 44 1 1 Body size 46 2 1 Body size 48 2 1 Body size 50 2 1 Body size 52 1 1 Body size 54 0 1 Body size 56 0 1

Thank you for your help

Thank you for the reply.

I am afraid there is no way to import the provided import file in a way that it will create variation, using the default import. You may try some third party solutions for this or ask your vendor to rebuild the import file, to be compatible with the default CS-Cart import format.

I hope it will help you.

I would like to import products with different sizes, and quantity. What would a sample xml format that allows me to import suppliers products with variations. All sizes will have the same price.
Main product name: Dress, 36, quantity (in stock): 5
Variant1: Dress, 38, quantity (in stock): 7
Variant2: Dress, 40, quantity (in stock): 3
Variant3: Dress, 42, quantity (in stock): 9
Variant4: Dress, 44, quantity (in stock): 4
What will be a good sample xml structure that helps to import a product with the above variations?
Your support is appreciated.
Thank you

I’m afraid, I don’t have a ready XML file with the requested structure.