Unable To Edit Blocks In Layout Or Theme Editor

Hi, tried to find this but have no joy. I recently moved a cs cart installation to a new server. All files moved over fine and everything seemed perfect. Problem is I now can not edit blocks in the layout or access the theme editor. The black column appears on the left but no options. In the layout I can not switch on/off blocks or edit content.

Any ideas?

Using 4.3.4


Try clearing the cache manually (remove th var/cache folder)

I have tried clearing the cache manually several times but no joy. The theme editor doesnt load and the layout wont allow me to edit block.

It is all working fine in the development area, but once moved onto the new domain it stops working??

I think you should contact support team.

Theme editor may not work even due to unclosed tags in the block with custom HTML code. At first, we always disable them and check the result.

Also if any 3rd party code javascript code is used in the store-front, try to temporary disable it, clear the cache and check

Turned out to be a an issue with modinizr. This was reply from CS CART

Thank you for your message.

The problem was caused by the following JavaScript error on the Design > Blocks page:
Uncaught ReferenceError: Modernizr is not defined
In order to fix the error I applied the changes to the js/tygh/core.js file of your installation and the error was gone.

I replaced this line:
if(Modernizr.cookies == false) {
with this one:
if(typeof Modernizr !== 'undefined' && Modernizr.cookies == false) {
in the js/tygh/core.js file.

Thank you for sharing this information.