Unable To Activate "Comments & Reviews" On Pages And News

Hi all,

I’ve searched the forum inside and out and was not able to find a topic covering my issue. The problem is that when I try to activate the comments and communication on pages and news they will not save.

I do get a green popup saying that my changes have been saved, but the communication is being set back to disabled.

anyone? I run CS 3.0.6

are they enabled in addons>comments and reviews>settings

and in the admin.website>testimonials


It's strange, because I've done no code or script changes at all, it's a new installation.

So you can enable 'Comments & Reviews' for Products, but not Pages, Categories or News pages? I recall another user posting the exact same issue recently, but they were on 3.0.1/3.0.2 - if I remember correctly it was caused by a permissions issue which was fixed in 3.0.3.

Here's the Bug Tracker report for it: Unable to Activate Comments and Reviews on Pages and News - unless you are the same person?

After the Addon is installed and configured you need to set the comment's options for each news item and each content page. Every News item you post & every Content page you create has it's own control for Comments.

Did you check that this option is not set to Disabled?

You need to choose from Disabled, Rating, Communication, or Communication & Rating for each.

Communication & Rating is good for products, but only Communication is necessary for the Site News. I disable it for Categories (under the categorie's Add-ons tab)

Hi Magpie Don,

What you said is correct… But when i make a page and set the comments to eg. communication and then hit save the page does save but the option I have chosen is set back to disabled… It does not save.

I have the same Isseu. Hope someone can help!

@krola I have a ticket running in support… I'll let you know when I get the issue resolved.