Ultimate Used For Multi Resellers Dropshippers

I have many customers that resell/dropship out products. Does anyone have experience/tips/etc that can help me avoid pitfalls when setting up stores.

Ideally Id like to be able to use 1 similar template and just change logos etc.

I also have an ultimate licence, and am wondering if it is the way to go to allow each reseller have their own "storefront" that send orders to our main admin an dwe can process/dropship etc.

Each store needs to be branded as the customers own website

Each storefront would contain all the same product as my main stire (though they need the ability to deactivate some categories if needs be)

Would each storefront need a new registered domain ? and assigned via main admin

would the reseller stores be able to manage their own categories/inventory/products

And finally space/power does the server get bogged down with all the sites set up?



I am on dedicated server

E3-1231V3 Quad Core (Lin.) - (18/11/2016 - 17/11/2017)
Hard Disk : 2 x 1 TB SATA
RAID : RAID 1 (Needs two disks)
Operating System : Linux CentOS 6.x
Control Panel : cPanel/WHM
Bandwidth : 10000 GB
R1Soft CDP Backup (Recommended) : 700 GB Backup Space
SpamExperts Spam Filter : No Spam Filter
Port Speed : Dedicated 1 Gbit Port

Biggest issue using storefronts as vendors/supplier sites is the admin. Remember, all admin is single URL so setting up the permissions to get the control you would expect is going to be difficult. I.e. I don't think you can give an admin permissions for company_id 2 and be able to manage products/categories that are not owned by company_id 2.

Funny this comes up because I just had someone contact me about wanting to either provide MVE functionality to Ultimate or multiple storefronts by vendor for MVE (and support Suppliers).

Personally, I would think that cs-cart V5 should support a vendor having their own domain/storefront in the MVE edition. It would actually make much of MVE a lot less convoluted where a main store could include multiple companies but a storefront would serve only one company.

It is not an easy way to combine MVE and Ultimate correctly, but everything is possible.

We have already thought about this modification as, I guess, the same person

Funny this comes up because I just had someone contact me about wanting to either provide MVE functionality to Ultimate or multiple storefronts by vendor for MVE (and support Suppliers).

contacted us too.

You can't use separate domains for vendors as you have to buy full licence for each domain. But, nothing is said about subdomains for vendors in the licence. You should clear this issue with the Cs-Cart Licence Department first.

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We contacted CS-Cart license department several times with similar request. According to their policy if you want to do such modification, you should by the following licenses Multi-Vendor + CS-Cart + (n-1) * CS-Cart store-front, where n - is the amount of vendors

For example, you have store and 5 vendors. So you should pay only for licenses

USD 1250 + USD 345 + 4 * USD 215 = USD 2455

But now we have Ultimate edition and licenses cost can be decreased to

USD 1250 + USD 775 = USD 2025

And that is not only for 5 vendors, but also for unlimited vendors..

With Ultimate license this problem is solved

If there is possibilities to combine ULTIMATE with MULTI-VENDOR's Vendor Plan , for sure I am on it 100%. Ok, will buy both license; USD 1250 + USD 775 = USD 2025 and if our vendors can sell on marketplace and as well on their own domain website which hosted by us.

but, how to combine then?

If you have a solution, or anyone has a solution, please let me know.

I think it's not just export and import products.

probably the best solution is, if use the same database, rather than export-import. API? it's the same thing, just like export-import.

​as well, has to synchronize both database in case there is different database.

Is there really any solution?

Thanks in advance!

Yes it is possible to combine these version. But note that quite complex additional core changes will be required to do it.

Two databases are not required. Multi-vendor core is combined with Ultimate one to allow to use different domains for each vendor.