Ultimate Seo Links

I got setting up now few store front with ultimate license.



now am adding pages to them for example privacy policy page.

domainA.com added privacy-policy.html

domainB.com added privacy-policy-en.html

cannot get rid of -en ? These are completely different store fronts, privacy policy pages are not shared among them. What seems to be the problem?

id db got this

INSERT INTO cscart_seo_names (`name`, `object_id`, `type`, `dispatch`, `lang_code`, `company_id`, `path`) VALUES ('privacy-policy', '31', 'a', '', 'en', '0', '');

strange why company id is 0, when domainA should be 1 and domainB 5

Strange but when I create page from domainB I get seo link with `company_id` 5, but when from domainA (that prior was normal license) creates pages `company_id` 0 instead of 1