Ultimate order statuses and bulk adding categories

Hi everyone,

Couple of things that baffle me about the logic (or ilogic) of a few aspects of the Ultimate edition.

  1. Firstly, order statuses seem to be locked to all storefronts. I'm hoping that I'm wrong and I just can't find what should be an obvious solution, or it's really built that way which doesn't make any sense at all.

  2. I asked CS-Cart about individual store management for store owners and they gave me instructions on setting up a usergroup, adding the store to it, and applying a user to that usergroup but the process doesn't work. It doesn't seem possible to add a usergoup to an administrator, and you can't add 'administrator' usergroups to customers…

  3. When bulk editing products, if I want to add categories in bulk it overrides the other categories (see attached). This is the case in all editions I've noticed, but it's only affected me now because I need to share products between 2 storefronts under different category titles.

  4. Of all the years CS-Cart has had a rewards system built-in, there's never been a means to bulk upload points when carrying customers over from another store, even though users can be added in bulk! Incredible…

    Does anyone have a solution to any of these?


1: have the same problem, cannot delete old status, so I have many unused ones.

2: -

3: same here, really annoying. You have to manually apply each product to several categories; there is no bulk edit involved.

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