Ultimate - Multi Store Management

We have been using CS-Cart Ultimate for 2-3 years now. Unfortunately the multistore management is really poor. We tried Magento 2 a while ago and it was so much more intuitive.

Most important features I miss:

- Grouping of store fronts

- Clear inheritance of properties.

First of all the grouping. There are settings I would like to share with mutiple sites, as they are similar in configuration. If I could set generic settings just for the group instead of for each individual storefront that would be really helpful.

Second, when you view product properties in a storefront, you never know if the properties are from the root product or overruled for the particular storefront. I would really like it if the product properties in a storefront are greyed out by default, and only editable once a checkbox is set that let's you overrule the root product.