Ultimate Edition Search Box

I am now starting my 2nd website in my admin. and went to add boxes and there is no search box available.

Is there a default area I need to add this to? When I started the first website, most of the boxes were already there including the search box.


need help reducing the space between logo and the top (search, my cart, my account) links. Too much white area…website is Finbay.com

Hello davweeks!

To create a Search box

  1. go to Design → Blocks.
  2. choose the necessary location (for example, Default)
  3. click Add block in a necessary grid
  4. choose Create New block
  5. choose Template
  6. enter the name for this block
  7. in the Template field choose Search field
  8. press Create

    As for the position of the logo panel. Try to do the following:

    find the file skins/basic/customer/styles.css

    and add the following line in any place

    .logo-container .logo {margin-top:0;}

    Hope it will help!

    Best regards, Alt-team

Hello and thanks for the reply.

I had went through the steps before but get stumped at …7. in the Template field choose Search field…

Once the template box is chosen, there is only a name field. Then, once it is created, I can go back into it but then there is only a name field and wrapper option. That is another issue…the only wrapper choice is the primary (-) and b. this is opposed to the options from the first website created where there were many options (drop down, simple…etc.).

I just went back into my first website and through above steps and noticed the template box has template options but it does not have these options on the second site I am doing. Screenshot for problem below.




Hello davweeks again!

It looks like a bug. What CS-Cart version do you use for your second website and what do you use for your first one? Probably you have deleted some files or installed some third-party modification that could break this functionality. What do you think? Or you just need to upgrade your second CS-cart to the latest version to avoid this problem.

Best regards, Alt-team

Good Morning…

Thanks for the reply.

No other addons or modifications. I just put in ticket and will let them get it worked out.

Thanks again for your help.