Ultimate and Iframes

I have searched the forums and found lots of people that have the same general issue…displaying your CS Cart Ultimate in an iframe on another page.

Here is my scenerio:

CS Cart installed on store.domain.com

Joomla installed on domain.com

I want to show the store in a Joomla wrapper (iframe) but it just displays blank.

To determine if this is a Joomla issue, or CS Cart, I did this:

I created a mainpage.html in the root of domain.com:


Main Page

Iframe of store


When visiting domain.com/mainpage.html, the store will not load in the iframe.
So, upon doing some research on this, I realized this may be caused by a conflict with the "same origin policy". So, in the above html (the main page html) and in an HTML block of the storefront I added:


The storefront still will not open in the iframe.

As I said, I can find lots of questions on this while searching the forums, but no solution.

Has anyone got an iframe of a storefront on a subdomain to load into a root domain (or even a seperate domain)?