UK Hosting


i have just made the step into the world of Cs-cart (after using x-cart for the last few years) and so far am impressed.

Thing is i am now worrying about the speed it runs at on my server


and if it is slow where else I can go for my hosting. I want to make sure its speed is really snappy.

i read a message on the forum when I was first looking at CS-cart about what sort of server I should go for, but can’t for the life of me find it again. does anyone else have problems finding stuff on the forum?

I have read plenty of people recommending CyberLNC, but I think they are in the US and am wondering if really i should be looking at Uk hosts as I am expectingmost of my customers to be viewing my site from the UK.



Seemed okay to me

Thanks for checking, i will keep monitoring it


I use a US host that has a UK server, as well as US servers.

host 9

The main benefit is they are cheap $19.99 for reseller hosting.



Thanks for the replies.

After coming in on monday morning to find there must have been something strange going on with my server as hits and sales were almost nothing, I am now keen to get this resolved/find a new host.

When it comes to this site I want to be able to not worry about if it is working as it should and if there are any problems that it is just sorted out.

Especially at this time of year, I don’t want to spend every weekend worrying that my site is running slow or not there at all.

There must be hosts out there that can be trusted, any suggestions/recommendations gratefully accepted.

Many thanks in advance


Try, they are now taking on new customers. the reason for this is that they focus on quality and not quantity, I should have gone to clook my self when i needed a new server, instead I went with [COLOR=Red]SiteGround[/COLOR], stay well clear [COLOR=Red][COLOR=Black]of[/COLOR][/COLOR][COLOR=Red] SiteGround[/COLOR]. :x:x