Type of Discounts

Global Category

…you can discount every item in a category


…you can discount any individual or group of products


…you can set different “user” levels (i.e. bronze, silver, gold, platinum etc…(or anything else you might want to call them)) and give that level of user any discount (absolute or percentage) that you like

Global discounts apply to the entire order (e.g, 5% off an order when the product subtotal is more than $500).

As the names suggest, category discounts allow you to apply a discount to an entire category including sub-categories (e.g., 5% of all children’s books) while product discounts allow you to discount specific items (e.g, 20% of a particular book title that you have in abundance and are trying to clear out).

User discounts allow to apply special discounts on a per-customer basis (e.g., you have agreed to a 5% discount on all your products for XYZ Co).