Tygh\exceptions\aexception Error When Clicking On An Order From Admin

When i click on an order from the admin, I get this! It happens on all of the orders regardless of status.

Tygh\Exceptions\AException Message

Unknown column 'cscart_shipments.status' in 'field list' (1054)

SELECT cscart_shipments.shipment_id, cscart_shipments.timestamp AS shipment_timestamp, cscart_shipments.comments, cscart_shipments.status, cscart_shipment_items.order_id, cscart_orders.timestamp AS order_timestamp, cscart_orders.s_firstname, cscart_orders.s_lastname, cscart_orders.company, cscart_orders.user_id, cscart_shipments.shipping_id, cscart_shipping_descriptions.shipping AS shipping, cscart_shipments.tracking_number, cscart_shipments.carrier FROM cscart_shipments LEFT JOIN cscart_shipment_items ON (cscart_shipments.shipment_id = cscart_shipment_items.shipment_id) LEFT JOIN cscart_orders ON (cscart_shipment_items.order_id = cscart_orders.order_id) LEFT JOIN cscart_shippings ON (cscart_shipments.shipping_id = cscart_shippings.shipping_id) LEFT JOIN cscart_shipping_descriptions ON (cscart_shippings.shipping_id = cscart_shipping_descriptions.shipping_id AND cscart_shipping_descriptions.lang_code = 'en') WHERE 1 AND cscart_shipment_items.order_id = 337229 GROUP BY cscart_shipments.shipment_id ORDER BY cscart_shipments.shipment_id desc

Error at

app/Tygh/Database/Connection.php, line: 863

Backtrace File: app/Tygh/Database/Connection.php Line: 458 Function: error File: app/Tygh/Database/Connection.php Line: 237 Function: query File: app/functions/fn.database.php Line: 28 Function: getArray File: app/functions/fn.cart.php Line: 6641 Function: db_get_array File: app/controllers/backend/orders.php Line: 284 Function: fn_get_shipments_info File: app/functions/fn.control.php Line: 699 Function: include File: app/functions/fn.control.php Line: 455 Function: fn_run_controller File: (admin file name removed for this post) Line: 27 Function: fn_dispatch

Is the status field missing in the cscart_shipments table? If so, you need to add it.


Is it not in that table so I'm trying to add it now. What do I put in the empty fields? Mine's different from your snapshot (see attached). Also what would have made it drop? I'm thinking it occurred after the latest upgrade.


Upgrades are anything but perfect.


Upgrades are anything but perfect.

Yeah no kidding! Anyway that solved the problem. Thanks much for the help!