Two Web Sites With One Shared Image Folder?


We have two CS Cart (both versions 4.0.3) versions installed on same server and same domain. One is for Customers and the other is for Wholesalers. They run on two separate databases. Is there any way to have one common images folder for both web sites?

Many thanks.

Have your host setup a symbolic link from one of the store's skins image directory to the other. They will have to ensure that Apache is setup to FollowSymLinks.

But note that with separate databases, you run the real risk of having thumbnails be messed up since it computes what image sub directory images are stored in based on the image_id in the cscart_images table. So if they get out of sync (which they probably will) you may end up with a real mess.

Why aren't you running these two stores from a single DB (Ultimate) and using and for domains?

Thanks tbirnseth, I agree with your advice.

Can you show some light on having one common database?

My current web site structure is as follows.


Customer shop:

Wholesale shop:

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Not really. Just standard Ultimate configuration with 2 separate domains. You'll have to rely on the cs-cart docs.