Two Products Having Images With Same Name Creating Issue

When we have multiple products having same image name say “1,jpg”. Then when we mouse hover on the products it shows the image of the other product having same image name.

Please help me fix this issue. Urgent.

Please help me fix this bug.

That's not a bug. That's a mistake on your part. Your product images should have different filenames.

Please contact CS-Cart support team and ask them to fix the issue. It it is a bug, it will be fixed free of charge

Oops! Apologies for my earlier comment. Obviously I am wrong. Thanks for helping out there eComLabs!

Yep, they used to have this in older versions in fn.images.php but I do not see it in latest version.

// Generate new filename if file with the same name is already exists
if (file_exists(DIR_IMAGES . $images_path . $image_data['name']) && $image_path != $image_data['name']) {
$image_data['name'] = substr_replace($image_data['name'], uniqid(time()) . '.', strrpos($image_data['name'], '.'), 1);

cool999, so what CS-Cart version do you use?

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cool999, so what CS-Cart version do you use?


CS-CART 4.3.3

Failed to reproduce it on 4.3.3 installation. But such issue may occur if you used store import to transfer data from the old versions.