Two logins with same email


If this was covered before, please lead me there… I couldn’t find it.

We got some customers which get 10% off at times and are treated differently in other respects (there are some special groups and they belong to one of them) and at times they don’t (if the buy stuff for them personally). How could this be solved? We thought about two seperate logins, but this doesn’t work because the email address would be the same and this is not permitted. I could probably disable this query in the source code, but don’t know the implications… why is it not allowed to use the same email twice? Simply because the email can be used as login? Obviously we use a custom username - would it be safe to just allow the same email address to be entered more than once in our case?

We’re using version 1.3.5 SP4.

Thank you!

Is this question too hard, or is there anything wrong with it?

A very rare request that only the designers can answer. It can’t hurt to submit a ticket and ask.