Two Auto Responders on one mailing list?

I can’t seem to find how to do this anywhere, if it is even possible.

Currently my client is using Aweber for her mailing list management, but we want to switch over to CS-Cart’s integrated newsletter functionality as it is pretty good for out of the box. The only issue I am having is trying to figure out how we can automatically send out the first newsletter after the customer has signed up and confirmed their subscription.

What currently happens:

  1. Customer enters email address
  2. “Confirmation email” (aka Auto responder) that is associated with subscribed mailing list is sent out
  3. Customer clicks activation link in email
  4. Taken to the storefront where “Notice your email has been successfully activated” message is shown in green bubble.

    What we would like to happen:

  5. Customer enters email address
  6. “Confirmation email” (auto responder) is sent
  7. Customer clicks activation link in email
  8. Customer is taken back to store (would love to choose what page they go to) to get activation message
  9. Pre-defined either auto responder or specific newsletter is automatically sent to customer, that is actual newsletter style email.

    What my client does, which a lot of people do, is when you sign up you get a special discount code to use on your next purchase but we dont want to give it out until after they confirm.

    Does anyone have or has anyone seen an addon that does anything like that?