"twitter Feed" Add-On Is Available For Testing.

Hi all,

I'm glad to introduce a new add-on called “Twitter feed”. This add-on will allow you to create a new block with twitter feed based on the search query or on your profile.

You can download this add-on by following this link:


Installing and configuring:

  1. Unpack the archive into your CS-Cart core directory.
  2. Open Admin->Addons. Find “Twitter feed” and click on the “Install” link.
  3. Click on the “Edit” link next to the “Twitter feed” add-on.
  4. You can specify the appearance and select the desired services.
  5. Go to Block page: Design → Blocks.
  6. Click “Add block”. Change the “Block content” option to “Twitter feed” and click on “Create”.
  7. Place this block to the desired place and open the customer area. You will see a new block with tweets.

    Feel free to ask any questions.

Thanks but I didnt see anywhere to enter our username to pull the tweets. ?

So I'm not for sure what to do here. There are so many questions.

  • Will this add on actually work?
  • Will the add on actually be completed?
  • Will the add on be supported?

    There are so many add ons that are started and then seem to get forgotten. This may be okay for those who know how to fix code, but difficult for others.

The requested URL /download/index.php was not found on this server. :( Can you give us a new download link?

Who need this… ? You can just copy and past code from twitter in a block. 1 minute work.

does this plugin “tweet” new products to tweeter ? i need some like that…

I think CS has abandoned this link. Maybe they will have this in vs3?

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does this plugin “tweet” new products to tweeter ? i need some like that…


THIS. Anyone?

Also, a Facebook version of this would be great - the new integrations Facebook provide are rather unsightly to say the least.

http://bimib.simtech…on=twitter_feed This link not working. how to download this cs cart twitter addons?

I've written a configurable Twitter Feed.

Compatible with CS-Cart Community, Pro & Ultimate v3.0.1+



Demo available: http://cscmod.myclientpreview.com/index.php?dispatch=categories.view&category_id=169




Hey Jeremy, I've uploaded the files and installed the add-on and configured it.

Then the instructions says:

Choose “Template” block and choose “_CSC_Twitter_Feed” and give it a unique name and then Save.

But there is no template with that name, _CSC_Twitter_Feed. Any ideas?

The archive and instructions have been updated.

Please uninstall and use the new archive.

Thanks Jeremy!

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Thanks Jeremy!


You're welcome!

is it possible to sort them with the last new tweet first?

thanks Jorg