Twigmo 1.5 update breaks security

I recently did the prompted Twigmo addon update taking it from 1.4 to 1.5. this update now breaks the HTTPS connection (for those sites that have a SSL certificate and are using it for the admin).

Looking in to it this is due to Ecommerce Solutions and Software for all types of business - CS-Cart being called on every page of the admin section.

Not only is this slowing down the CS Cart Admin experience, it's also a security concern, as it's allowing an external script access to every page of the admin section of an online store.

Can his be fixed ASAP?

What is the way you are updating the Twigmo addon? You'll need to make sure the Twigmo admin templates were updated. Please check the 'skins/your_currently_used_skin/admin/addons/twigmo/hooks/index/' file was updated, it should consist the following line:



If you see this code in your currently used file you'll only need to regenerate the templates cache, this should solve the problem for you. If not you can update the file from the 'var/skins_repository' directory of your Twigmo v 1.5 package, or you can update the responsible part of code manually as I wrote above. You'll probably need to regenerate the templates cache in such case too.

Kind regards.