Tweak in Cart and Emails

Hello Everyone,

I have been asked by my client to remove “Taxes” word shown in Cart, Checkout, Admin Order View and all Emails going to customers, as he thinks it is unnecessary text. This appears to be the heading of VAT. What are my options and how do I get rid of this?

Your help is always appreciated.


search for 'taxes' in the Admistration/Languages menu item. Find the text you want to change and have at it.

Thanks tbirnseth, It has worked worked on front end however on the back-end emails … it's putting “:”, what do I need to do to fix this?

anybody please?

The colon(s) are hard-wired in the templates. Find the template you want to change and remove it. But if you're going to remove the colon, I'd just remove the whole “{$lang.taxes}:” string and change back the language variable so you'll see things correctly in Admin and other areas of the site where the word 'Taxes' is used.