Turn Option Combinations Into Product Variations?

Hi is there a way to automate Turn Option Combinations into Product Variations? on cs-cart 4.11.1

I've read


but none of my products have the

"the gear button in the upper right part of the page"?
Neither i can access the old option combinations at the back?

Is there a way to automatically convert the Option Combinations into Product Variation,
or it has to be done individually for each product?
Or the only option is to do it individual for every product?

Kind regards

what version are you using. If you upgraded from old version is should give the option during upgrade.

May be worth doing the upgrade again form backup if you have many, if not a live store

I found at the end somewhere that the


would do it.
it worked on the second attempt...
Also it is strange that i could not find that much important info in the documentation?