Turn Buy Together tab into a Block

the clue is in the title… I was wondering if it was possible for me to move the BUY TOGETHER addon tab to a separate block?

I’m aware i can move it to the primary tab, but i want both description + buy together options displayed on the page at the same time


if it helps i wouldnt mind if it was just added to the description area… been looking over the code and cant sus it

cant be done huh? anyone point me in the direction of achiving something similar?

I’m looking to do the same thing. Doesn’t make sense that someone will have to click on a button to find buy together when it’s a selling point.

agreed - I’d love to find a solution for this.

I’ve not used this feature/addon. Is the goal to be able to offer a discount for buying a group of products together or to require that a 2nd product be purchased when buying some other one? KB wan’t very useful in explaining usage…

Tony, I’ll send you a link.

It’s really a weak attempt at an upsell feature. It’s better than nothing, but I’ve had no takers yet because it’s hidden. Not only that, it’s confusing once it’s in the cart because it only shows one of the products in the cart. See my other thread about that:


Of course… It was developed by non-merchants. So no wonder it’s a bit odd…

I have made some progress with this. Here is how to turn it into a block:

Step 1:

Move or copy: skins/[SKIN-NAME]/customer/addons/buy_together/blocks/product_tabs/buy_together.tpl

Into here:


Step 2:

Go to admin panel->Design->Blocks->Products

You’ll see the buy together tab in there. You can disable it from here if you want.

Step 3:

To add a buy together block simply add it just as you would any new block. You’ll see it appear under block content.

Enjoy! After you do all of this, the rest will be simply design work using the .tpl files (mostly in the one referenced in step 1).

That works great, metallic!

At step 2, I didn’t have the option to disable the tab so I deleted the file at


I’ll have to have a look at this, seems “merchant” sense thanks.

Now, anyone want to resolve the problem of what happens when one of your Buy together" products goes out of stock ?

Seems a bit daft offering items only for the customer to be told they can’t add the “buy together” to the cart.

It needs an

IF “A” or “B” ==(outofstock)

Then Do (Buy Together)

Else Exit