Trying To Amend Product Codes


I have been asked by my Management team to make some changes to our product codes on some of our products.

Where the part number is 'AFFS-OR-04-1' they want it changed to 'AFFS-OR-04-01'. I have updated the Master File and when loading it in I had a number of error messages stating that a product updated has the exact same combination of feature values as a variation that already exists in the group.

I have attached two screenshots. The first being the error messages and the second a cut from the master file.

The original master file loaded in fine the first time it was done and also on several other occasions where other updates have been made.

Any ideas why changing the product code would create this error message? We are currently on Version 4.12.1


Master_File_with new PN.jpg

I am afraid, you cannot update product codes with import feature since product code is used as primary key to identify product

Thank you for you response.

So could they manually be updated in CS-Cart?

Yes, manually you can change them

I have a "pre import" filter that will change product codes if the product_id is specified. Feel free to contact me via my signature if you're interested....

The way it works is that you use the same import file you normally do except you import via a special menu item. It only utilizes the product_code and product_id columns. If a product_code for a product_id is different than what's in the DB, it updates the product_code to be that specified in the import file.

You then do you normal import and it uses the new product_code without issue. Note that it does NOT address any duplication issues you might inject from your data.