Trust Mark Logo / Help with HTTP vs HTTPS

Im working on standing up my site and I was able to place the trust mark logo that floats in the right hand corner.

The issue I have is that when you click on check out it goes into SSL mode and your browser displays a warning that some content is not secure.

3. questions:

  1. How do I make the checkout page fully secure so that this message wont pop up (without making the whole site secure)

  2. I cant seem to find a separate template file just for the cart in order to fix my trust mark logo to display correctly for https pages.

  3. Is there a way to disable product options from displaying on products in the featured products section?

    my site is

Hi T,

You need to have the image url for the Corner of Trust logo entered as https://

Ex: [url][/url]

That way when you enter a secured area of your site the image file is also secure.

That was the problem!


I just wanted to say you have a nice and clean cs-cart store. I never heard of your company until now and I already have the urge to buy something because your template looks so appealing. :cool:

Thanks, thats the idea!

It is a big learning process though. I might have to call in some pro help on some stuff but for now I am figuring it out slowly.

I think Ive changed the layout 3 times today alone haha.