Trouble With Simple Coupon Code

I am trying to create a cart promotion coupon code (called USITT) for $5 off anything in the store, one-time use per customer. I have set the promotion to:

Coupon Code equal USITT

Total Products in cart equal or greater than $5

Once per customer

When I go to try it, the code is not accepted and I am getting this error:

"WarningThe entered code cannot be applied, because it does not meet the requirements."

What am I doing wrong? I am new at cs-cart but this doesn’t seem like it should be that hard to implement. Thanks so much.

According to the code, it appears that the coupon you are trying to use has already been used.

Well, this is the first code I've ever made, so I don't think that would be it. I appreciate the help nonetheless!


Try create a new customer account and apply this coupon code under logged in customer.

Thank you… I tried that and it still didn't work. It never worked, even the first time I tried it under own account.

I figured it out - I didn't add the bonus field for the actual coupon amount. slaps head


i've the same problem with a промо cart (once for customer with the code NEWS), if i add a promo code into pаге cart it is added correctly but when i insert a customers data (or checkout as guest) with new data (name, email etc…) the discount disappear and it show the message “Coupon already used”…

How can fix it?

The version of cs-cart is 4.0.3

Thanks in advice, this is much urgent