Trouble with product details display

Hi All.

I’ve looks and tried and tried to get this changed but I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it without language variables (which screws everything else up).

What I’m trying to do is to change this:

To This:

My products have a lot of variations that affect the price (way beyond what CS Cart can handle with option combinations) so we want to change ‘Price’ to ‘From’ on category pages, product detail pages, and when the product is viewed in blocks.

Anyone have an idea?



I have a mod that will replace the product list price on the details page with the lowest price of the quantity prices and have the word FROM in place.

But also adds a colum to my qty discount table that states LIST Price in the forst coloum.

If its any good let me knjow, was done fro 2.0.12

See image