Trouble With Laoding Product Features In Promo Editing


We experience issues with regards to applying product features as part of conditions set in promotions.

See screenshot -

What can be the issue here? Is it is server side and so what php.ini setting or is het purely an issue with CS Cart. What could it be?

When we try to apply a condition for a promotion which relies upon a certain product feature that not all product features are loaded and we see what you see in this particular screenshot (Loading...).

We have already increased the PRODUCT_FEATURE_VARIANTS_THRESHOLD in the config.php file

define('PRODUCT_FEATURE_VARIANTS_THRESHOLD', 240); // if number of product feature variants less than this value, all product feature variants will be retrieved, otherwise product features variants will be retrieved by ajax

We were not able to select a product feature as part of a condition for a promotion. Is there somewhere a real limited on how many conditions you can place on a promotion or a limit on how many product features can actually be applied as a condition for a promotion?

We finally managed to select a product feature as a condition for a promo , by deleting some of the features that are not used (anymore).
Also, today, we discovered conditions where we use the product feature (it is a quantity discount promotion where the feature displays the discount you get , e.g. 2+ items = 5% discount, 3+ items = 7.5% discount, 4+ = 10% etcetera).
We formerly even had to use discount categories for the promotion but faced with the infuriating fact that we can't control what gets displayed as a bread crumb (not even when you hide them) we are using features now as a condition..
But.. they get emptied so often that I get tired from having to check whether they still work!!

Just now I couldn't even make the webshop to load the features ... however, it finally worked when I pressed save first and then I could add the other line again.