Trouble with Cs-cart domain pages not loading

Hey all, troubleshooting a website that uses Cscart. Website was running smoothly for the past ten or so years but just started giving dead links with anything attatched to cscart (which is most of the website unfortunately). Tried updating/changing the php versions in Cpanel to no avail, is there something i’m missing here? I’m a bit of a noob with cscart so don’t refrain from stating the obvious.
I’ll link the page for anyone who has time to check it out. Only the homepage that’s not attatched to cscart is loading at the moment.

Working home page -
Dead link -

Greatly appreciate any and all advice here!

Everything looks to be working now.

Please consider enabling Https in CS-Cart → Security Settings — CS-Cart 4.16.x documentation

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Works for me too. Looks like you use CS-Cart 4.3.3. So please make sure that the server configuration meets requirements for this version