Trouble in displaying subdomain on ultimate

I am testing the beta for ultimate, however even after following the instructions to the letter, and even following instructions on http://kb2.cs-cart.c…-configure#toc2 I still cannot get the subdomain to show. This should be very easy, but this is causing big problems, because if the testing goes ok we will need to create 17 subdomains on purchase.

Can anyone help to show or say how we can get subdomains for different shops with their own skins to show. I have attached files to show how this has been set so far.

sub domain.jpg

on web.jpg


I'm a bit confused. Your first image seems to indicate that you are going to create a sub-domain in pulbic_html (which would be unusual - hoping you were going to make it something like public_html/9230.

Your second image has you referencing Note that www is a sub-domain of 9230 which is a sub-domain of If you haven't created this sub-domain then that's why you're not able to find it. (Note that the first element of a domain is actually a hostname versus a sub-domain (I.e www), but Apache and other environments sometimes assume that and are the same host.)

Suggest that you not use numbers only for your sub-domain since ti can confuse browsers and other things that try to parse the URL. Also suggest that you have only one level of sub-domains. For testing why not just use and

I am a bit confused myself, I was following the instructions on http://kb2.cs-cart.c…-configure#toc2

it first says to create this in the admin which i have done but made this

Next it went on to say NOTE: The new storefront will be accessible by its URL only after you have configured your hosting account!create a sub domain in the hosting

it gave the example of creating the sub domain which i copied and went to my host and produced which you can see in my images originally. I have even tried putting in the htaccess but to no avail, this is why i cannot understand where i have gone wrong, it should be so simple but its messing me up and i have to create 17 shops, this is one reason for testing if i cant create 1 extra then it wont be good for me

Sorry, not using ultimate and not planning to do so. I was responding to your example versus whatever the beta software was trying to tell you to do.