Trigger Vendor Administrator Account Creation Via Api


Before installing multi-vendor version 4.13.3 I was able to create a new vendor plus a new vendor administrator account via API by performing these steps:

  • Create new vendor with status "N" (method POST on api/vendors/)
  • Update vendor status to "A" (method PUT on api/vendors/[id]) --> this triggered vendor administrator account creation!)

Now, after upgrading to version 4.13.3, this does not work anymore. Only the new vendor is created, but not the vendor administrator account.

Any ideas how to trigger vendor administrator account creation via API in my case?

Any help is appreciated!

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Try to contact CS-Cart support team with this issue to get official answer.

Try to contact CS-Cart support team with this issue to get official answer.

I did so and will keep the community updated.

The above described behavior (create vendor via POST method first, then update status via PUT method from "new" to "active") does not work anymore since version 4.13.3 if you want to create a vendor's administrator account via API.
Instead there is a new parameter "create_vendor_admin" which has to be sent with "Y" when creating a vendor via POST (
    "storefront": "api",
    "status": "N",
    "lang_code": "en",
    "company": "Test Company",
    "email": "",
    "create_vendor_admin": "Y"
Unfortunately, this no longer triggers an email with login credentials, which has been confirmed as a bug by support team and will be fixed in one of the next versions.
Also good to know:
JSON response in POST method has changed from "store_id" to "company_id". Attention: for the PUT method (update) it is still the "store_id".
Hopefully the API documentation will be updated soon.
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Thank you for keeping us updated