Trigger All Emails To Test How It Looks


I have some home designed cs cart to the live site state. Now I am in email template design stage.

Is there any method to test all the emails sent at once to admin email id so I can have look at how it looks and so.

is there any short method to trigger all emails template sent out from system to the customer at certain process time .

Let me know guys…


I just create an account and an order for myself to test the formatting. You can change the status of the order back and forth. Request a return, send a gift certificate, etc. all to your own user account and/or admin account.

I've never found a way to trigger the emails otherwise.

Then just delete the test order when you are finished.

@magpie Don thanks for the advice and time.

I tried the same fashion before, Its taking lot of time now because client is asking to change bit and peace now and then. Its hard to do the customer process manually one by one to view the mail.

there should be a preview option placed like for products in cs cart.

I've complained for years about CS-Cart's email and Newsletters - which are an integral part of your marketing and customer contact. They are sadly lacking design options. All they include is a most basic of functionality.

There is a wide open future for CS-Cart's Email Notifications and Newsletters - with tweaks and customization galore.

hoping they bring in future updates … fingers crossed … They r trying to improve the cart in all sides, there willl be a time for mail template …