Tried the other forum, no help Need Experienced CS cart guru

Hello everyone, I need a very proficient cs-cart guru to do an update, and fix some bugs, as I do not have the time. I need someone who can do this proficiently and not fumble around, as I can fumble around the backend with the best of them

Must be very familiar with the cart and must be able to get it done quickly. Cs-cart is doing some very strange things currently. Keep in mind my cart has no mods, or addons. 1.3.3 version if I remember, and that update software has been useless for me thus far. Please contact me as soon as possible, as I have been looking at some other carts due to these frustrations that are hurting customer sales to a great degree. Payment is not an issue, quality of work, and being bug free IS.

jim (at)

Jim Woods

Hi Jim,

Sent you a PM

Jesse, do you use ICQ?

No I don’t, but I’ll install it now.

I’ll PM you the details otherwise MSN / Skype is jesse -at-

grab icq and pm me your number please

1.3.3 would explain 99% of your problems, an upgrade to 1.3.5 sp3 would pretty much solve the majority of the issues you are experiencing, have fun Jesse :wink: