Trial Version User - Can anyone create me this form


Being new to the forum, I am not permitted to post in the Third Party forum, but I am looking to see if a custom form can be created.

My client needs customers to register and complete the below form (yes it's extremely long).


Then also need registered customers to be able to login to their account and update this form at anytime, should their measurements change.

Being new to CS cart (I am still using the trial version), this is out of my league, and if anything it will be the one thing that stops be being able to purchase the full license, because this is a MUST for my client.

So if anyone can do it for me, please let me know details and price, If it cannot be incorporated then it would be great if someone could let me know, so as not to waste my time or the clients. Other than this the cart appears to do everything I need but I think this may be a sticking point?

Thanks in advance