Is there a way to have some quick translation of vendor dashboard ?

I am aware of that place where you can suggest translation but its just too slow, and it seems no one is active anyway.

I need something that works asap , and I am sure I am not the only one .

Theres a lot of typo in the translations , and it does not look very professional . ( I can attest for the french translation comptabilité -contabilité ) meh .

Also some contents are in one language and the rest in english . that does not make sense

Thanks for advising !


You can help CS-Cart with translating to French here

Then it will be required to update language with latest .po file on your store

I recently discovered an add-on that links to google cloud translations, Cloud Translation by Google add-on for CS-Cart (

I was using something similar on the Shopify platform, it translates everything with one click. You have to pay google a monthly fee for the number of translations, but it seemed pretty low priced. I haven't tried it yet, and I am not sure whether it does the back-end.

To translate the back-end so far what I have done is have a tab open with a vendor's view, and in another tab used the Manage Languages search function to find and translate all the obvious words that were missing or weren't correct. Weirdly some words don't show up in the search, so it's not perfect, but good for a quick fix.