Translate Order Statuses Email: Customer Temlates

How we can translate Order statuses email sent to customer template in various languages.

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Language variables are used out of the box. So just translate them or add your own ones

PL explain how to do
When we change language from english and add it’s translation, it changes text of all languages invariably

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Please check image

You should change language #1 instead of #2

If you wanna add extra text to your emails: Add a Language Variable

Go to: Administation-> Languages-> Translations.and add language variable (+).

GIve this variable a name you wish. We added: bank_details_order_1 (be sure the variable is not in use !!!)

Be sure that you enter the correct language in every language value you use.

No go to: Administation-> Notifications-> Customer notifications and select the customer notification you wanna add the extra text.

For example: Order changed to open

find this line:
{{ include_doc("order.summary", order_info.order_id) }}

add this line below:

{{ __("bank_details_order_1") }}

now you have:

{{ include_doc("order.summary", order_info.order_id) }}

{{ __("bank_details_order_1") }}
{{ snippet("footer") }}
and save.
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