translate languages


I have question about translate the cs-cart system:

is it possible to get list off all the words in the system? something like a language file.

I’m asking because I want to send it to someone for translation…

One more thing: what is the "Translate privileges " in the: “Home —> Languages”?

Thanks in advance,


Yes, you can export whole language variables with decription to your local hard disk. You need to create your language in cs-Cart first . Then go to Administration → export,

select “Translations” on the right menu, if you use cs-cart 2.x, or

select • Languages on top menu, if you use cs-cart 1.3.x

and export language variables with selected language to your computer.

After you translate language variables’ description, you just import it back… that is it.

As my experience, you still need to translate settings, addons, and profiles inside the administrator panel. It looks like No Way to export them in CS-cart, if I am right…lol

About the "Translate privileges ", it is to translate “Membership privileges”. This translation will be displayed on the Membership managment panel when you selected the language you translated; otherwise it still display in English…

Thank you very much!