Translate gift certificate email content

I’m trying to translate the email content of the gift certificate. The template file for the email is:


The string I’m trying to translate has the keyword/variable:


Which generates lines like the following:

Your gift certificate has been created successfully. Please wait until it is activated.

Your gift certificate has status Active. You can use it now.


Unfortunately, I can’t find it anywhere, the above string doesn’t exist in the Languages and translation strings.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Normally these are set somewhere in the controller. You should look in the addons/gift_certificates directory. You’d be looing for something like:

->assign('certificate_status.email_header, $email_header);

You won’t find it in language variables or a template file.

You are right, its not in the templates or language variables.

I looked at the addon files you mentioned above and traced the translation back to the admin interface. There is a sub-menu option that modifies the email content, so I got that sorted.

Go to Orders->Gift certificates then look on the far right of the screen for the vertical options, one of them is “Gift certificate statuses”.

Learn something new every day. I probably would never have seen this if you didn’t point it out. Why not leave it as a tab/link like most other pages on top of the “manage” view?

Good catch.