Transform Topmenu Multicolumn Into Simple Singlecolumn Menu!

I have a problem with the Topmenu modifying-it to a simple menu.

The problem is that i have Category -> Subcategory -> Sub-Subcategory and transforms-it into a multicolumn style.

I saw that the vertical menu has the system i wanted, i modificated-it to a horizontal menu, but the hover-box don't allign correctly becouse they are in the same table

  • in the code.

    I want to split the tablle boxes so i can arrange the boxes correctly.

    The website:

    Adress of the file: /public_html/design/themes/energot_electronics/templates/blocks/sidebox_dropdown.tpl

    The code:

    {hook name="blocks:sidebox_dropdown"}{strip}
    {assign var="foreach_name" value="item_`$iid`"}

    {foreach from=$items item=“item” name=$foreach_name}

    {hook name=“blocks:sidebox_dropdown_element”}

    <li class="{if $separated}b-border {/if}{if $item.$childs}dir{/if}{if $ || $item|fn_check_is_active_menu_item:$block.type} active{/if}">
        {if $item.$childs}
            {hook name="blocks:sidebox_dropdown_childs"}
            <div class="hide-border">&nbsp;</div>
               <ul style="float:left;">
                {include file="blocks/sidebox_dropdown.tpl" items=$item.$category  show_all=false separated=false submenu=true iid=$item.$item_id}
    		{hook name="blocks:sidebox_dropdown_childs"}
            <div class="hide-border">&nbsp;</div>
            <ul style="margin-top:33px;">
                {include file="blocks/sidebox_dropdown.tpl" items=$item.$childs  show_all=false separated=false submenu=true iid=$item.$item_id}
        {assign var="item_url" value=$item|fn_form_dropdown_object_link:$block.type}
        <a{if $item_url} href="{$item_url}"{/if} {if $item.new_window}target="_blank"{/if}>{$item.$name}</a>



    Any ideeas? Thanks!