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I currently have a ecommerce hosting package with BT for my current website - and 2 domains and I have been really unhappy with thier service which is why i have purchased a hotsing package and 2 domains with vidahost.

I am in the process of setting up a new site with the vidahost hosting package using the domain so that i can configure the shopping cart software(cs cart) and test it whilst leaving the other site/shop up and running with BT.

When i have my new site ready, it will migrate the 2 domains from BT ( & ( to the vidahost package with the domain being the main one for the vidahost hosting package instead of the .net as it is at the current time and the .com,.biz,and .net forwarded to domain.

so essentially will be the the main domain linked to my package not .net[/color]

can anyone advice what changes i will need to make to my cscart configuration settings as it will be effectivly sitting under a new domain



Move CS-Cart installation to a new host ← quickest, easiest, with minimal hassle.

The URL is stored in config.local.php so you would only need to change the respective value for HTTP_HOST and HTTPS_HOST in that file.

thanks for the info

To imliminate down time create another entry in your name server admin for your new host.

Wait 24 hours if you can, then move the site, and then change the name servers to the new host.

What will happen is the 3rd entry will to live, so when people looking for the site it'll drop down to the 3rd entry till the first 2 propegate.

If you can't make a 3rd NS change the 2nd one.

If you follow this advice, be aware that you will in effect have two 'live' databases for an unknown amount of time until the 'old' nameservers are removed from DNS cache (most UK ISP's cache the DNS) and only the 'new' nameservers are propogated. If your current host supports it, you should look up how to set DNS TTL. This article by Google's own Matt Cutts explains how to move a website and the effects of DNS. The article may be approaching 8 years old, but it is still relevent today.

thanks for the advice and link to the article