Transfer License between domains

As topic says, purchased a license back in May 2008, started work on the site but then life took a turn and haven’t really looked at it since. Now times have changed and I have the oppertunity to get the project rolling again. In between I aquired a more worthy domain name also.

Question is, can i transfer the license from old domain to the new domain without incurring fees or breaking any rules?

The old domain and license were never used in the www. Now it’s time to get it live and I’d like to utilise the old license rather than buying another one.

Your help would be much appreciate :smiley:

Contact support through your Help Desk and they will transfer it for you.

thank you for the response. I have 30 days basic support credit with the license I purchased.

Problem is I see no way of contacting support for this issue of License Transfer without starting the countdown on the 30 days of support. I don’t actually need support yet and would like to save those 30 days for when i really need them.

Is there any way of contacting the CS Cart team without burning up support credits for something that isn’t a Cart support issue?

It’s not support. It’s license transfer so they know you are not pirating their software.

all done. thank you for the advice.