Transfer images from the links to FTP-XML

Hi everyone,

How can we transfer images from the related links placed in XML.

For example: [url],,,.jpg[/url]

We need to transfer all these images to our FTP before the importing.Also, redirecting customers to other sites for the pictures is not a good idea at all.

Going that links and manually saving them to desktop take too much time.In addition,top ftp folder/link (images folder) is forbidden to be viewed to get all images.

Can anyone suggest a way to solve this? OR how can cs-cart store owners do this image issue in practice?


Anyone there to reply?

Write a script that will ftp them from source to destination…

Is there anyway to download all image files in the folder which is restricted?

Assume that: we need to download 2 image files below. 123.jpg

But we don’t know their image name and also the “images folder” is restricted.


Any answer?

Why the forum people are not helping us to find a solution? :frowning:

[quote name=‘getreal’]Why the forum people are not helping us to find a solution? :([/QUOTE]

Hello getreal,

Unfortunately there is no easy way to do it. You need to write an additional script.

You can do it by your self or order third party development work.

Thank you.

But, how we can write the script?

  1. Subfolder(images) is not reachable,access denied.
  2. We don’t know the full file name of the images in that subfolder(images) to get
  3. Will we use some syntax . while writing a script? We can hire a developer but we need to know if it is possible and which way we need to follow?

    Thank you,

Your script will have to utilize the built-in FTP within PHP. It will also have to query the database to identify the image paths to use and/or utilize the image functions within the cart to either retrieve or store the images appropriately.

Your link in the original posting is broken so it’s hard to identify what it is that you really want to do.

Beyond this description, would require a developer (of which there are several here who are qualified).

Thanks for your answer Tbirnseth.

We wanna get pictures from some other sites to our desktop, the link is like .we don’t know the full filename and images sub-folder is restricted.But don’t assume that it is very confidential documents, just product thumbnails ,big images etc.

We don’t want to find and transfer to our FTP manually,from the suppliers, there is not too much support though,we are struggling to decrease our human power.

As a second, anyway to get product descriptions automatically.They are opened and in the source codes ,so we can transfer I think?

Why don’t you just use an FTP client like Filezilla to get stuff from somewhere else and bring them to your desktop. If you are pirating images from other websites then that’s a no-no.