transfer data from CS 1.3.5-SP2 to CS 1.3.5-SP4

Hi all i have had som trubbel with the first server i rigged on osx

so i rigged a perfect working fedora 8 server instead

and i installed CS 1.3.5-SP4 on that machine can i just export all the products, data, images from CS 1.3.5-SP2 and import it into CS 1.3.5-SP4 ?

if not please tell me how :slight_smile:

please help me i don’t want to re enter all the products and setup for the category

You can use the SP2 database and update it with the sql upgrade file included in the SP4 package.

You mean database.sql from upgrade pack “upgrade-135sp2-135sp4” ?

Is my site upgraded ?

I uploaded upgrade-135sp2-135sp4 content into my shop and navigated to post_upgrade.php

then i got

OK Status: Cleaning up templates cache… OK Done

were can I see that my site is SP4 ?

Your config.php will have your version. Scroll down to the bottom.

still SP2 !“&!¤”! :evil:

if I remember correct I found for some time ago instructions on manual upgrade but now i can fin it can someone post a link ? please :slight_smile: