Tracking Information

When a customer places an order on my site, their status is automatically “Processed”.

Once I place the order with my supplier, and they ship it and provide me with tracking information, I then enter that tracking information into the customer’s order and click “save”.

Does the customer receive an email notification of new tracking information automatically? If now, how do I configure this step so that they are.

You could always add an order status (Order tab, order statuses, add a status), called ship and check the “Notify customer”. But that will only send a system generated message and wouldn’t include the tracking number.

I manually send a “form email” and add the tracking number and their name. I currently have low volume though so it works for now until I come up with a better solution and more volume.

Not sure that’s much help but something to think about.


You can add a tracking number and notify the customer 2 ways.

One is to add the tracking number into the order and make sure the checkbox at the bottom that says “Notify Customer” is checked. When you click Save, the customer is notified.

The other method is to add a shipment to the order. When the shipment is created make sure the Notify Customer checkbox is checked.

The nice thing about shipments is that you can add a tracking number and change the order status to “Completed” all in one step so that only one email is sent.

Set up a dummy product that cost $1.00 and has free shipping and go through your order process including the tracking number and see the difference. Sure, you’ll loose the processing fees, but this way you can see the entire process for yourself and see if there is anything you need to change.