Track With Options Not Showing

MVE (4.8.1) client of mine has products where "Track with Options" does not show in the selectbox for Inventory tracking for a specific vendor's created products. Only Track and Do Not Track.

There are options active for the product and the Inventory and Required checkboxes are checked. But the Track with Options is not showing and subsequently there is no Add Option Combination button.

Does anyone who uses this feature know what setting or buried checkbox still needs to be checked to enable this option for a vendor? It seems to appear for other vendors... In reviewing the template, the Track With Options should show if there are options set (true). There are 6 variants to the option for the product.

Any help/insight is appreciated.

Update. Turned off the Product Variations addon and the Track with/without options now appears.

Odd though that the Product Variation 'type' didn't show in the Vendor product. So not sure how Product Variations enables inventory tracking by option, etc. for Vendor products.

Hmmm ok.

Not sure what to do here.

I think for now I will leave the addon disabled and upgrade to the latest version and then when it becomes stable (part of the CS-CART furniture), it might be worth looking at.

Lucky we only have a small catalog of products..