Total new way to see bigger pictures?

Hi guys

Im starting to be pretty pissed off because of my damn competitors stealing my pictures ( I take them my self of the products) and watermark them as their own.

So today I comed across of a new way to get the pictures viewed check this

Angle Eyes Audi Does any one has any idea how to implement this on our sites ( I bet theres alof of ppl in the same situation as I) and what system are they using?

Hope to have some help form you


Not sure of this program, but have seen several similar lighbox type programs/mods.

Has nothing to do with being able to steal pictures or not. You should watermark all your pictures with your name or website. Less of a chance someone would use it on theirs.


Tirade posted a dynamic previewer mod at:


You can also purchase a lightbox addon from Webgrahiq at:


With the example you provided I can still download the images using FF.

If you go to my site at:


Click on the image you can see it is harder to download the image. Of course you can always save the page and so on, but it is still harder. I use the lightbox addon from Webgraphiq.


What Bob said basically, however these guys may have what you’re after. I found them last year when i first installed 1.3x. Magic Toolbox

Out of curiosity (and not to potentially waste your time) I downloaded the integration module, checked the changelog.

[QUOTE]1.1 (2009-04-24)

- Added support to CS-Cart version 1.3.5 (This module also works wirh CS-Cart v 2.0)

- Added main image to selectors list

- Fixed some bugs[/QUOTE]

I just found a php script that could help with on the fly watermarking (i assume none of us want to waste time reuploading 1000’s of images)

I’m too busy to test it but the quick read i gave it sounds easy and effective.

Good luck with it


Club Addon has an auto-watermarking addon that will mark all your images and make it a huge pain for competitors to even bother taking your images:


Fleety… thank you man, this is exactly what I was looking for.

Going to test the demo version and possibly buying it.

It gives an extremly profesional looking on my preferences that is.

Its working as expected.

Check it here if you want:

Fiat Grande Punto Devil Eyes Headlights

A little bit more… [url][/url]

Is not bad, but a simple popup blocker is bypassing the protection, try eg. with the ad muncher installed, watermarking is better solution to protect images.

Does anyone know how to implement this one into CS 2.0.12?


Thank you.

You can Magic Touch to watermark images.

For total protection, only permit images to be accessed by the Magic Touch server.

Example and explanation is here: