Total Inventory Value

Being able to go somewhere in the admin panel and find out the current inventory (stock) value would be an excellent feature.

This could show the value at purchase (how much from your suppliers) then also the value if sold at the current price. Obviously this would mean adding the supplier price to each item but that's not hard, just another field.

This would really help me out at the end of the year when I have to report on this value for my accounts.



These add-ons will help you:

If you have a cost price field to export you can just do quantity amount x cost price in a spreadsheet and make a sum to get the total value.

If you do not find a solution, we will be glad to create it for you. Feel free to contact us

We'd could do a custom extension of our EZ Cost Based Pricing addon that could provide info on the total valuation of your inventory (cost and sales potential) for you. Click the link in my signature and give me a bit more info on what you want and we'll be happy to give you a quote.