I just wanted to share my experience with CS-Cart developer, TopCoder Pro, so that anyone looking for custom work can take advantage of this great resource.

I have a client who needed to build an online “Mall.” This was somewhat complex because it involved two stores, two different skins, but one shopping cart. I had worked with the original CS-Cart team in the past, but they have gotten so busy, and this project needed to be done quickly.

I discovered TopCoderPro through this forum…Sanjay provides lots of help in all his posts. This group specializes in custom mods – if you can think of one, they probably already developed it. They worked with me through this project and were very patient, very thorough, and very trustworthy. The client is happy with the final result, and I am happy we were able to pull it all off. I would definitely use them again, and wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who wants to customize CS-Cart.

Our site isn’t live yet (administrative, not development issue), but I will post it as soon as it is just to give you an idea of the great work these guys do.

is it free?

No, their services are not free. But they are very reasonably priced and professional in their approach. When I’m up against a tight deadline, I find that money works better than goodwill does. It saved me a lot of stress and aggravation to know that there was a team behind the project, and that they would live up to their commitment. And since this group obviously spent more time on the project than I actually paid for, I think I got a pretty good deal.

That’s not to say I don’t appreciate the free mods and the collaborative efforts that go on here. It’s great to be part of a community that really works to make a better product in the spirit of open source. But CS-Cart isn’t free either, and neither were their services for the mods I paid for that are now part of the CS-Cart product. We all have to make a living somehow.

I also found your advice on these boards very helpful too, snorocket. THAT was free, and very much appreciated.


I will second what you have just wrote finetoons. From start to finish Sanjay/Topcoder have been extremely professional in their work manner and speed, to which the job gets done.

Even when we have not explained ourselves that well in what we required, sanjay understood what needed doing. I would very highly recommend topcoder if you require any custom work carried out.

PS: compared to what we would have paid a UK designer tocoders fees are next to nothing.

We purchased 4 modifications from their website yesterday. Excellent service, and the mods are working great! :stuck_out_tongue:

Two thumbs up, we will be doing business with them again.

I’ve purchased 3 mods. Sorting Dislay Drop Down With grid-list_04_09_08.rar I like most. How can I make from admin default sorting criteria for newly entered to site customer by grid?

Here’s an issue in a smaller window size:


Here’s an issue with the at a smaller window size:



We contracted with TCP to skin a store for us, and the experience was awful.

  • We had to send screenshots of every issue that was to be corrected
  • Every time one issue was corrected, another issue cropped up
  • Once the project was started, they demanded additional payments

    We ended up locking them out of the server and finishing everything ourselves.

    We haven’t purchased any mods from them, so I can’t comment on that aspect.

[quote name=‘0utcast’]we are running the topcoderpro green template and were very pleased with their help with all the issues we had with it.

want to see what it looks like for reference only with our own logos and layout.

topcoderpro worked with us and when it was something that wasn’t part of their template/services they asked us to direct it to the cs-cart forum which we did and both topcoderpro and the cs-cart forum got us straight on all issues and were up and running nicely.[/QUOTE]

Are you out of business now?