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Good day,

How would can I have following

Default top menu

[url=“”]Instant Demo - CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Demo Try Free for 15 days

Electronics | Sports & outdoors | Apparel | Music …

I would like to have as here


Top menu would consist of Products, “Support”, “FAQ and similar”, when clicking on Products I would have these

Electronics | Sports & outdoors | Apparel | Music …

Very important, seo must remain [url=“”][/url] and not http://www.cs-cart.c…ts/Electronics/

hi Darius,

the default CS-Cart menu is categories block with template for dropdown

on the same dropdown template is used and it is not a category block - it is a menu block and it is based on Design → Menu

in the Design → Layouts this block is called “Menu”

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WSA team

Hi Darius,

Sticky Menu on Scroll + Small Customization = [url=“”][/url]

Please let me know if this is what you are looking for, I can help you ;)

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Yes, it can be configured in the Design → Menus page. Here is a quick example, which was created with the demo catalog:

Clip2Net — screen capture tool for Windows, Android, iPad, Mac, Linux

The mouse pointer is hovered over the Electronics category. As far as you can see, the SEO url is correct

Thank you! Exactly what I wanted!

Free Fixed/Sticky Menu Add-on for CS-Cart 4: