Top Menu Styling Question

Hi I am trying to customize the top menu throught the custom css but I am not able to find the css tag to override the background image.

I have included an attachment with a capture image to this post.

My goal is to have a top menu consisting just of plain black text on while background…

I am using 4.0.2

Can someone help?


if you use the visual editor from your theme in admin you can change the color or do you dont have that?


You may send us the link to your website in PM, and we will send you the css for free.

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Please add this code to the CSS section of the Theme editor:

ul.dropdown-multicolumns {
background: transparent;
border: none;

thank you for all the replies

the css code worked…thank you

the store is local so I can work on it before uploading on its real destination.

it will be an upgrade of an existing one running 2.1.4

You are welcome!