Top Menu links to products


I am selling fragranced products - candles and reed diffusers but I am struggling with setting everything up. At the moment, I have created the products and put each of these into side categories based on various ranges that I plan to group the products under and the side categories work well. However, On the top menu I have created a section called 'scented candles'. I would like to link this category on the top menu to some of the products on the side menu. I have zero programming experience and its probable quite simple but its not working well at the moment. I have tried discussing this with Simbrisk but it seems to only be possible to get technical help via the helpdesk system. If anyone could help, I would be grateful.

Unless I misunderstand, this function is built into the CS-Cart core menu under Design/Menus/Top Menu (Just add the URL for your page/category/product)



The link is not correct added, it works for the moment but if you change product category or seoname of category or product seoname will not work any more, or if you are using multilanguage will not work at all

you need to use for:[list]

[]products: [color=#ff0000]products.view&product_id=X[/color]

]categories: [color=#ff0000]categories.view&category_id=X[/color]

[*]pages: [color=#ff0000]pages.view&page_id=X[/color]


I hope that helps,