Top Menu large space between subcatergories

I’m using cs3.02 ultimate and I have a catergory called Accessories located in the Top Menu. Within that catergory I have more catergories. These catergories have subcatergories under them which is causing a large space in the menu between uper level catergories, which looks awkward.

My question is there any to have the upper level catergories line up underneath each other removing the extra space between them. Maybe even if a catergory that additional subcatergories with a mouse over the subcatergory would slide out.

Also if there is an option to have the more accessories slide out as well with a mouse over.

I have attached a two pictures, basicly a before & after situation. If anybody has any suggestions I would appreciate it I am at a loss here

[attachment=5726:Top Menu.png]

[attachment=5727:Top Menu2.png]

Top Menu.png

Top Menu2.png